Windex Vs Window Cleaner

Why hire a window cleaner when you could just use Windex on all of your windows? Because you want the job done right. Windex is advertised to be “streak free” but many users claim that once the Windex actually dries it leaves behind streaks and a foggy residue. To ward off streaks and residue you need to go back a few hours after applying the Windex and wipe your windows with a soft cloth once again. 

Do you have that kind of time and patience? Or do you want the job done right the first time?

Hiring a professional window cleaner leaves you free to go about your day while not having to worry about the state of your windows once the job is done. I can’t speak for all window cleaners, but Sea Monster Window Cleaning washes your windows with water and dawn dish soap (no harsh chemicals, no nasty smells) on a lamb’s wool monsoon. The water and soap mixture is squeegeed off and any streaks that may present themselves are wiped clean with a soft rag. Windows are then edged with the rag to ensure that any water left is soaked up instead of streaking down your windows. Your tracks get cleaned and your screens get cleaned.

Does your Windex do that?

Not to mention the windows outside. Do you have the time and capabilities to wash the outside of your windows? While most of the handprints end up inside, most of the dirt buildup actually occurs outside. Windex might work well enough if you’re just clearing off a light dust, but when pollen and bird poop are caking your windows a spritz of Windex isn’t going to do the job. Sea Monster Window Cleaning has the tools to remove most build up that occurs on windows without scratching or compromising the glass.

Having your windows serviced regularly keeps the buildup from getting out-of-hand. Call Cory with Sea Monster Window Cleaning today for your free quote and an honest review of your window needs.