Why Are My Windows So Dirty?

Do you ever stare at your windows in disbelief about how they could possibly be so dirty? What is it about them that attracts all the nastiness. And what even is all the nastiness? Let's chat about those window offenders.

Little Hands - Ever tell a kid "don't touch that"? Yeah. They touched it. Windows are these smooth shiny objects that are like magnets to children. They also happen to be inconspicuous barrier between children and whatever is on the other side. It's the line that children physically can't cross so they press up as close as they can get to see what's on the other side. Do you know what's on kids' hands? Yeah, us neither because there is literally no telling, it could be anything - dirt, sticky syrup, nose treasures, the list goes on. And now, like some magic suction cup, all of those mysterious substances are stuck to your window, too.

Pollen - That nasty stuff that falls from the sky like a green spring snow. Nowhere is safe from it's attack (not here in the South at least). Your nose hates it, your eyes hate it, and your customers do, too. It's officially summer so if you still have pollen on your windows yes, we will judge you, and it's way past time to take care of that mess.

Noses - You know how as a kid in the winter it was funny to press your face up to fogged glass and see the imprint left behind? It's not as funny when the imprints are on your storefront window and are left behind from sweat because it's summer in the South. Windows don't discriminate, they leave imprints from anyone and everyone willing to touch them - young, old, animal. Heaven forbid they decide to lean on your window to take a break from strolling in the hot sun. That imprint will be much larger than a nose...

Dirt - Good ol' dirt. There is nothing you can do to get away from the dirt. Pollen at least is considerate enough to have a season. Dirt likes to hang around all year long. It attaches itself to every surface exposed to air. It settles in your window casings and no amount of "Please don't touch the glass" signs will deter it away. This repeat offender must be physically and recurringly removed.

Spider Webs - Just know, if you've let your windows build up to the point that you have spider webs, your local window cleaner isn't the only one judging you. Your customers may be able to overlook the smudges and the residual pollen, but spider webs cause any sane person to rethink their current path (and if that current path is into your store then you're the only one hurting from this). We understand that a spider can make a web in a single night, but that's not going to stop customers from taking one look at the web and crossing the street to get away. Besides, how many times do you see webs on clean buildings? Webs instantly fill the mind with feelings of uncleanliness and abandonment - two things you do not want associated with your store.

Silicone - A window cleaner's mortal enemy. You want the casing of your window to be a tight for insulation purposes, and inevitably some of that silicone sealing made it's way to parts of your window where it doesn't belong. While this usually isn't a horrible offender to the eye, it's not an easy spot to remove and once you see it you can't unsee it. Call your local window cleaner to have the silicone scraped off without scratching up your windows in the process (because why replace one eye-sore with another?)

We didn't hit all of the window offenders, the elements are far too numerous to count. But we did hit the most popular ones. If you want to know what tools it takes to remove these offenders, check out our blog post here. Next time you look at your windows consider what your establishment is exposed to daily and as your window cleaner how often they recommend having the windows cleaned.

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