How Often Should You Have Your Windows Cleaned?

Sea Monster Window Cleaning offers a few different services. Cory will gladly give you his recommendation on how often you should have your windows cleaned, but ultimately the decision is up to you. Read on to see his advice on cleaning frequencies.

Residential Windows

The windows on your house do not require as much maintenance as commercial windows. That does not mean that they can go neglected and be fine. Your house windows are still subjected to the elements - dirt, pollen, animal noses, etc. However, the build up is slow and doesn’t need to be tended to as often. The most common time of year for residential cleanings is spring time just after the pollen finishes falling. The green monster is not a good look and your sinuses will appreciate you getting rid of it.

If you have the means then it is recommended to have your windows cleaned twice a year. At the very least you should have your windows professionally cleaned once a year. 

Special circumstances, like selling your house or hosting large parties, are prime opportunities hiring a residential window cleaner gives your house a little extra something to stand out.

Commercial Windows

The recommended frequency for having your commercial windows cleaned depends on the type of establishment you are running.

Offices - A business run out of an office building does not acquire customers by enticing them to come inside because of what they can see through the windows. This doesn’t mean that an office’s windows are unimportant. A client is going to be put off by a company that does not take enough pride in themselves and their establishment to keep their office looking clean. Keeping clean windows is comparable to maintaining the landscaping. It is recommended to have your windows professionally cleaned every three months.

Store Fronts - Unlike offices, store fronts rely heavily on window displays to bring in customers. It is extremely important that the customers look at your display and not at the glass between them and your products. Dirt, grime, fingerprints, spiderwebs - all are heavy offenders of store front windows. To keep your windows from being the first thing your customers see, it is recommended to have a professional come in at least once a month if not every two weeks.

Restaurants - While restaurants, like offices, do not bring in customers based on window displays, the windows are actually more important than you would think. The cleanliness of the establishment as a whole makes a large impact on obtaining recurring customers and positive reviews. Restaurant windows are also more susceptible to messes as drinks get spilled, food falls off the plates, and sticky fingers touch the glass. These windows need an extra amount of special attention and therefore it is recommended to have your restaurant windows professionally cleaned once a week or twice a month at the least.

If your business is having a grand opening party or is hosting a big event, that is the perfect occasion to call a professional window cleaner to get your business looking clean and inviting.

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